The Body Balancing System

An Integrative approach to Master Your Mind Through  Nutrition



What are they really?

Mastering your mind is an essential key to creating a happy, healthy and successful life.

But, for over a century now, science is still debating the question of “Do we run because we’re afraid or do we feel fear because we run?”

While the connection between the mind, thoughts and emotions remains a mystery,  science does agree that emotions evolved as unconscious behavioral and bodily responses designed to help you survive life.

A gateway of change

Many people work hard to master their minds through thought alone. But how do you master something that mostly happens unconsciously.

Fortunately, that’s where emotions can help.

The behaviors and bodily responses of emotions give you a doorway into understanding your hidden thoughts and beliefs that shape your life.

However, the fear of painful emotions usually leads to supressing these feeling which also switches off this gateway. Potentially leaving you a victim of these unconscious thoughts.


When thoughts go bad

Understanding and managing painful emotions is essential to change.

You see, painful emotions usually initiate the body’s stress reflex, a survival mechanism designed to ignores the positive and only focus on the negative- the potential threats.

If the stress reflex becomes overactive it creates a vicious cycle of only thinking negative thoughts which can put you in a state of chronic stress.

The same chronic stress that science shows is a leading cause of many diseases today.

The good news is this is something you can change.

death, disease and tranformation

Before I tell you how you can change this cycle, I’d like to share a bit of my story to give you context.

If you didn’t watch my introduction video, my name is Alon.

I’ve spent the better half of two decades teaching people how to prevent and recover from stress related illness’s.

Looking back, my interest in health stemmed from losing my father at a very young age and then struggling throughout life with health issues with no clear diagnosis.

Eventually at age 32 I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Wilsons disease.

The side effects of the suggested treatment scared me into starting a journey of searching for a better way to help myself.

One that would significantly improve my life and the lives of my clients.


Using your body to change your mind

On my journey I learnt how trauma at a young age affects the brains development and its ability to regulate emotions properly.

Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would get frustrated and lose my temper or suppress the feeling by overeating.

For years I struggled to control these behaviors, often leaving me feeling like a failure. Like I couldn’t achieve anything I set my mind to.

After my diagnosis I learnt how Wilsons Disease also effects brain development from faulty copper regulation.

As I restored my health over time, I started noticing a connection between my nutrition and my behavior.

The healthier I became the calmer and more self-control I had without thinking about it.


After almost two decades in the health and wellness industry, and my journey of successfully managing my condition naturally I came to a simple conclusion.

The ultimate currency of change is energy.

The more energy you have, the better you think and feel, giving you the resources to master change and create the life you want.

The focus of my approach is to create an energy efficient body by correcting posture, improving the way you breath and optimising your nutrition.

But in my experience I’ve found that starting with nutrition is the most effective way.

baby steps

The Start to Getting More Energy

The body converts physical energy from food using mineral and vitamins. So increasing your nutrient intake by improving your diet is an easy first step.

But conflicting information, lack of time and know how are a few of the challenges to changing your diet.

Another challenge is that years of bad eating habits, stressful living and painful emotions may have created a “nutrient debt”.

This nutrient debt needs to be paid off first before you’ll see a real change in your energy.

While only you can make these changes, you don’t need to do it alone.

I’ve created a free “Clean Up Your Diet: Beginners Guide” for you to get started right away.

The guide will help you find “nutrient robbers” in your diet and environment, and help you start rooting them of out so you can fast track your get out of debt plan.

Sign up below and let’s get you started.